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Guide me through them winter days
Depression be seasonal and I lack all that inner faith yeah
Me my thoughts and dinner dates
Thought you’d be down for me
But I guess I was just a phase yeah
All my feelings immigrate
I never let them in
I close off like NSA yeah
No one round me innovate
They just wait on the boy
Know I catch them imitate yeah
I been way too adult about it
I had my head in the clouds for a while never really thought of fallin' out it
She said I’m problematic
I switch gears no automatic
They switch teams like a Bron fanatic yeah
I mean I been lonely for 4 or 5
That’s years we ain’t spoke in months
But f*ck love cause there’s more to life
That’s me speaking from a quarter cris'
And half the bottle that I poured tonight
Ya new n*gga drinks Cours Lights
Meanwhile I live in spite like

Guide me through them winter days

Heartbreak, nothin' but heartbreak
Put my heart up on the line I'm bettin' she parlay
Cobain, I feel like cobain
Nah I’m way above the bar and they swear that they saw Blake
n*ggas on they magical sh*t like it’s all Blaine
It’s arcane, f*ck it I’m all Kane
Mask off for the summer you seein' me take aim
At demons and bloodsuckers they f*ck around call Blade
Get to tourin' in your city I’m talkin' bout Salt Lake
I’m talkin' bout L.A
They told me it’s all fate
And I hope you got the feelin' the feelings is all fake
Cause they are
Baby Its all skates
I’m too Tony, never been too lonely
Take a mirror to my soul it’s blacker than Luke Cage
Never been too phased when I see them flippin' up and they singin' like Lloyd Banks
Wrong Lloyd n*ggas been off rockers
Outta pocket I’m walkin' like Jake locker
I am really feelin' all the pressure and depression always come as a shocker
I don’t hide it
Still I was born Midas
All Might couldn’t wrestle my demons with arthritis
A young Titus never cared in the slightest
Give a f*ck about your future my n*gga you don’t write it

Guide me through them winter days
Guide me through them winter days
Guide me through them winter days

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