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Northside Mally

"Gang sh*t"

[Intro: Lil Yachty & Northside Mally]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Its that gang sh*t
Its that campaign sh*t
Its that gang sh*t n*gga that's got lil boat f*cked up though
I'm saying NAZ, NAZ
I'm saying Northside in this b*tch, Westside in this b*tch

[Verse 1: Northside Mally]
Glock by my side like a side b*tch
Hoes they be trifflin so watch out who you be wife-ing
Just to go to sleep keep a 30 on the nightstand
Got to keep the peace so its swiper no swiping
And i got a sniper, move on he will snipe ya
Yea I'm taking chances with my life roll the dice yeah
I just walk up in the mall buy it all like f*ck the price yeah
If I f*cked her once yeah, I can f*ck her twice yeah

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
She only get one night
I di*k her down westly pipes
I see you n*ggas through the snipe
The pus*y juicy and its ripe
You n*ggas left through the Internet
All you do is buck up on Skype
n*ggas don't wanna fight
Shoot that n*gga
Or i just might have to stop that n*gga with a knife
Bricks wrapped like rice
n*ggas always realize when its time to go and pray to Christ
n*ggas used to talk down on me now they say a young n*gga next
Pulling off in a Jet got these pus*y n*ggas vexed

[Verse 3: Northside Mally]
Pull up with my troops yeah they shoot
In a orange coupe
Its the same color as Crash Bandicoot
On that gang sh*t yeah, campaign sh*t
He ain't make the payments his brain on the pavement yeah
And my pockets so depressed
Counting up the blue hundreds
Always chasing the guap
Playing tag with the money
Chopper leave a n*gga spooked
Plus my pockets always hunting
Brought my shooters to the party
Got the carbon in the function

[Verse 4: Lil Yachty]
Damn, brought the ruger to the function
Quick to make conjunction
Hoping for assumption
All eyes on Lil boat cause I'm the only n*gga in here stunting
NAZ, that's how I'm rocking (damn)
Dare a n*gga to come stop me
Yeah now I'm taking off like a rocket
Blue hundreds in my pocket
Turn the pus*y to a faucet
n*gga had the sauce but he lost it
Got the whole city riding c*ckpit
Cause the love how a n*gga talk sh*t
And he had the play but I Mossed it
And I had the b*tch now I'm off it
And I had the 5 but I sold it
Now they on my di*k cause I'm so lit

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