[Hook: nafla]

[Verse 1: JL]
Look at how lifted I get
Lifted up my spirits, God bless
Lifted off and didn’t stop yet
Livin' in the city of the angels
This is where I’m gettin' what I came for
Virginia’s where I did for my mans and them
But this is where I'ma figure out some angles
This where I'ma lift 'em out the window by their ankles

And then it’s drink after drink after drink
And then toke after toke
And then that’s all that she wrote
And then back on the road again
Back to the back of the boat again
'Cause that’s whеre that motor is

This is that sh*t that you know it is
Bodies is stacked up yеah that’s what that odor is
Not even askin' for that much but that’s what I ordered
And that’s what I’ll have until after I’m bored of it

[Hook: nafla]
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