Gemini Major


You know
You  know
You  know

Aye, came from nothin', I made something from the mud yeah
I need money now, I need it like a drug yeah
Used  to sniff it, now I'm only rolling up yeah
And  my mama knows that I don't give no f**ks
Every single night she know I'm floating
It's  not just a wave, I got an ocean
Every single night she know I'm floating
It's not just a wave, I got an ocean

[Verse 1]
n***as don't want it with the one though
n***as  ain't welcome in the jungle yeah
n***as we can go like Rambo yeah
n***as got ate like Nandos
n***a get dropped at Randall
Get your idol like Randall
Twenty probably I'll handle
Hundred metre dash in my sandals
Pumas ain't out yet but they on my feet, yeah
Two passports, don't need a visa
I been hot like a fever
Old b*t*h hot and I need her
Don't know you, how can I meet ya?
Pockets ain't built like D cups
Diamonds get cut like pizza
It ain't been the same since I came up
But a n***a been the same since day one
And the ones on my nuts is the same ones
We never played your song, couldn't name one
Wrote this the day I submitted the album, I made the deadline but I tried to tell em
I'm-I'ma need this to go platinum, I gotta buy my daughter that mansion, aye
I'm asking
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