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Kevin LaSean

"Ferris Wheel"

Uh, yeah
Are you ready?
Lets do it

I spit flows like I'm sick
Run the game cause I'm in it
Blast off in this bish
Outter space, astros
So high off my dopeness
You only high cause you smoke
Outlawing the eastside
Put my picture up on that poster

I'm on a rollGoing out of control
I start rampaging there ain't no stopping it
Kill them all, leaving 'em dead on the floor
Tell the janitor he will be mopping it
I, can give you a gun point black at my wheelies
And still all these haters ain't popping it
I'm monstrous, a rhinoceros
I'm on top of this, you're opposite

Nice guy til I get a mic
Then I go Hulk, smash everything in sight
Swagger not edible, you cannot bite
Spit gas on the beat you got a mask to ignight
My game so tight
Better go left, cause you can't do it right
Chilling in the air, I do that trick
Dontae, I'm gonna fly like my last name Wright

Nah, do you really wanna fight?
School you in the rap, go on let the bell ring
Not one, to brag about cash
But I get checks like I got bad spelling
Got that unmeasured skill
So the games' gonna have to go get a new ruler
This rap would've one won
But you skipped the class like you was Ferris Bueller

Sock it to ya
You think you cool cause you going ham
Well I'm seeing green and I'm hungry
So I'm bout to eat you like I was Sam I Am
Got a mouth full of that hot fires
So when the kid get to token, you get a tan
Make a hater go Chris Tucker cause when they hear the flow
Everybody be like 'Damn!'

Ha, Ha, I'm so ill

Beat you to death with the mic
Then hock your body, call that an overkill
I got what you want, might even cut you a deal
Not lying, wanna say I'll rip you in half
But homie, I will never ever shed a tear

Now, tear it down
Whole house, bring 'em out
Dye your hair like Pink
And have you dropping bands like no doubt
Tie you up, and toss you off a cliff
Until you scream and shout
Dialing up my phone like
'Its Dontae, who they talking about?'

Chit chat, click clat
Step to me, I'm like 'Get back'
Making moves like tic tack
She show her boobs cause I get racks
Waking up around noon, while you sleeping on me like relax
While you still on that starting line
I'm coming through on that last lap

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