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Kevin LaSean

"The Power of God and Anime"

Yeah, yeah
Whoo, The Raz
The Raz, The Raz, The Raz
Young Theodore
It's The Raz, baby!

[Theodore Raz Verse One]
Yeah I'm a wild wilder
Hat to the back like a T.J Detweiler
Built me an empire
Ballin' they callin', I feel like an oprain
Jump in the Audie, push start
Off white, not walmart
I be gassed up like a go cart
I be makin' hits like Mossart

Yeah what are you saying
Walk in the club and this is what they're playing
Got so much ice man I feel like I'm skating
And I'm mixing the Bape and the Yeazzy they hating
Like whoa huh
Bish I go get it
I was down bad boy now I'm really in it
Drop a can of flow got juice can't sip
Your girl want me don't lie just admit it

Huh, yeah, yeah, yeah
You be in the back like a past
Gold yard on me like a sash
Lambo got a hundred on a dash
My wallet all green, Hulk smash
I be on my bag, I'm packed
Theodore Raz spit facts!

[BakingSodaSam Verse]
I'm on strides like I'm Tony
Roll dice but not fully
Pull strings, Pinochi
Phone ring she blow me up
So I pull up
Bentley chuck just my luck

One on one I'm the one
When Theodore Raz
Poping tax
Securing bags
Ain't no black
Need that cash

[Theodore Raz Verse two]
Yeah ASAP like Rocky
Ice on me like the diamonds hanging, yeah
Feel like I'm playing hocky
Now your girl tryna stalk me
Cut her off like karate
Your money short like Dobby
Pockets fat like Booby
I am the King of The Hill
I went out to spend me a mill
Can't stop me from getting the bills

It's The Raz, baby!

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