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Kevin LaSean

"Family Mart"

Ahh, I have nothing cool to say here... so...
(I've been on my grind all my life)
Kevin Make It SekC!
(Yeah, aye)

Shorty ride it quick like a Go-Kart (Yeah)
Push Start
109, chilling by the family mart (Aye, Aye)
Mobbing with the misfits
Hitting on the sweetheart (Woo!)
Trance from her heart
Got me feeling like the AllSpark, hmm
Is she talking stupid, I'ma ghost her, hmm (Nah)
Booty looking hotter than a toaster (Yeah)
Live it like a concert, Mozart
You don't even know a 'zart?
Two girls, take 'em my house like it's Noah's ark (Facts)

I be getting loose-y when I'm sipping on the henny
She be getting juicy when I'm touching on her, aye (Woah)
Made a hundred K but imma double up the pay (Woah)
I be in Japan because is there wanna stay (Woah)
She just wanna play
Eat some "?" yeah
Treat it like a game
Just the other day
She was taking trash
She looking up at the flash
What you want from the king?
Oh, you what a ring?
What a new bag, wanna flex with the bling? (Nah)
I mean I could go do it, it really ain't a thing
But I don't wanna do it 'cause you not my ting (Bye)
Not my ting
How he stay fly when he got no wings? (No wings)
Quiet bee like I might sting (Like might, might)
If I touch her right then she might sing, sing, sing (Yeah, Yeah)

Her body a ocean
I can't fall in love, so I show no emotion
My name is not Snape but I sip on the potion
I'm keeping it pouring 'till I'm feeling potent (Woo!)
And she look important (Woah)
Instagram chicks, man, I swear they be boring (Woah)
I pull up on foot bish like I am the foreign (Woah)
I stay in my lane, my footing letting up
Ball like I'm James, the world is not enough (Swish)

I heard your new rap to some lyrics
'Cause when you play music, the don't wanna hear it (Nah, No)
I'm flying in business, you flying in sprit
And if you really love her, then don't let me near her (Okay)
I feel like awesome
I feel like I'm popping
I feel like a possum
I'm hanging around (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
The bottles is popping
The booties, they dropping
I feel like a, I feel like a, I feel like a freak (Aye)

Let me show you how to go in beast mode (Beast mode)
"That's my bike punk!" like de-bo (Woah)
Shorty did work, Home Depot (Woah)
She the same but she different like a sequel (Yeah)
Shorty looking at me through the peep-hole (Peep-hole)
She said she need a man, it ain't me though, woah
I on a role like dice
I live in paradise, yeah (Hey)
They gotta pay me the price
I gotta stack up some bands to buy me some ice
I gotta, oh, (hol' up)
All of my jewelry is fake 'cause that ain't my life
I don't spend money like that
I spend my money on putting myself on the map
Know that I'm coming like that
I want the green like the hair-like Cat in the Hat (Aye, Aye)

"Who do you sound like?", I don't know, Kevin? (Huh?)
Eating on the chicken, waking down 7/11 (hol' up)
If she looking like an angel, send to me from heaven (Yeah)
If she snapping all the angles, posting to me on mentions (Yeah)
But she not a model (Yeah)
She just wants clout and the follows
My hair getting long like I'm Ralo
Her legs like a horse (Yeah)
When she get on me, I don't she her head like she was Sleepy Hallow (Yeah, Woah)

I never get sleepy, I never get tired
I never feel weak, I'm feeling alright
I ain't have a lot of people on my side
Now there's a lot of people on my side
Know if you wanna dive, then do it, okay
But when I make it, don't be coming my way
I don't care what they got to say
If you in my lane then get out my way

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