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Reekz MB


Reekz, BP, Splash, Skeng, Hammer, S, Nutty, M

When I'm not G leaning on dem boy
Got that leng link for that leng boy
Link Ahmed and then Lenroy
Then grease up the MAC-10 toy
We got kilos in that trunk
Better not speed over that hump
Don't be weaving like you're drunk
Feed them junkies with that drug
Getting back to country with that grub
Suck them leeches for their blood
I'm like salt over that slug
Come along and reload for that flood
And take over that country
Them lame boys say they want me
My young G, I call Frank
He's like Lucas but I'm bumpy

Golds up on that rainbow, so I got a peng gyal on my payroll
Bad B with no halo, make her line man for that qualo
j*rk man for that gourmet
I'll rob man it's my forte
ASAP with no foreplay
Man will take down the whole door frame
Man get right up in your biz
I'll be right up for that liz
Got them rhinos in my fizz
Play that bad boy you won't live
He lived, cah he freed it
I emptied and I cleaned it
I took that cos I need it
Then I went country and I creamed it

But f*ck that, man, it's nothing now
All black and my skull is down
19 for that loaded Browning
Spin around and I'll hold it down
Girls wanna rub shoulders now
Now they see that I'm golden bound
Peng gyal and she golden brown
I give her press and then throw her out
Squeezed off but they miss me
Them old rappers are like 60
In jailhouse with no tools, I'm punching and I'm kicking
I'm Bruce Lee on the grind, I'm Bruce Lee bring a brick in
Set it up by the table, let me one-touch it and split it

Get it right, you don't know me
I don't take chat from no phony
I don't take chat from no bony
At any given time like a Rolley
Eating Kosher and we coastin'
I don't deal with snakes or potion
I could rise it up if I want
Then have 2 of my barrels smoking
Get it right, I ain't joking
Your forehead will be open
9 years what the coke did
Free Hammer that's my broski

Back now and I'm different
Back now and I'm getting it
They hatin', and they b*tchin'
Tell the whole of them to join Little Mix
Real stuff and I spit hard
Spin back on that GSXR
Sideman in a sidecar got me doing time as a lifer
Burning with my lighter
Burn him with this hyper
Man was talking crud at like 4:04 but changed his tone by like 5 past

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