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[Verse 1: 93FEETOFSMOKE]
Rolling through the creek
I got the water
Three point from the dishes
Let that splash hurt
Smokin in the sky
And now my backs burnt
Seeing how the sky
And how the earth turns
I'm breaking it up at the dam ho
Dropping my trucks in concrete bowls
Hope that my cash hits me back hoe
Crashing my car off the dirt road
Slinging the ice and the cold snow
Burning your clothes
I need fuego
Burning your clothes
I need fuego

[Verse 2: Trippy Tha Kid]
Got the flame at the tip of my fingers
Most likely living til' thirty two
Most of my family never knew
The disease I was living with
Through and through
Be there through thick and thin
You were the thickest and thinnest thing
That I've ever seen
That I ever need
Clear my sinuses
I can hardly breathe
I don't wanna think about it all
Coming at my body and I'll mentally dissolve
Any motherf*cker who be aiming for the heart
Talk about my family and I can end it all
Not within myself but within anybody else
I can f*ck your mind
And leave you hanging in a cell
I can have you thinking bout your life
And how its ending
I just got a check
And now its pending
I don't wanna live if I'm pretending
Life is about the breaks and the mending
Baby tryina talk but its not sending
Turn off imessages please
Break down the Buddha the sooner the free
Freedom is reachable only for me
Mentally freeing my homies with peace
Mentally freeing my homies with peace
I live this life I live this life so free
I try it
Decide it when it's time to be
It's time to be

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