Drivin' down highways
You gettin' high, babe
I know you're mine
And all we got's time, babe
I'm feeling blessed
I know that we next, but f**k all of that
I just wanna chill with you in the back
Everyone else always been so wack

Drinking fifths to the face, yeah we gone
I'ma take your stress and make it all come undone
You gon' take my clothes and make them all come undone
We are so the same, man, I think that you're the one

[Verse 2: 93FEETOFSMOKE]
And I'm so blessed
With your hands around my neck
And I'm not stressed
We have bottles in the back
I'm having dreams that got me f**ked, wait
I'm falling too hard I need to chill, babe
I can't trust these boys around you
I don't wanna throw, but I will for you
Yeah my mind is playing tricks, now
I'm falling too hard, I need to calm down
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