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"​life is great this is awesome :)"

[Verse 1: 93FEETOFSMOKE]
You're full of sh*t
Miss me with that, kid
Got no time for simps
Mind been sh*t
Since like '96
Lately patience thin
'Kay, I'm f*cked
Agreed like let's move on
Think that topic's spent
Clean from drugs
But voices I numbed
Wanna see me dead
See me dead
Swear since off of it
Faces 'round me flip
Bodyflip, MCM a b*tch
I might slap some sense
Feel like sh*t
Scrounging up a grin
Empty void of sin
I might just go ghost on the world
Death still plagues my head

[Verse 2: Fats'e]
Sick of life
Sick of fakes
Talk that sh*t
To my face
I think I’m losing it
My brain on fire again
Yeah, fill me up with lead
I want to see me dead

[Outro: 93FEETOFSMOKE & fats'e]
I want to see me dying
From the third person
Watch the vultures eat me slowly
Find solace in decay

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