"Pumpkins Scream In the Dead of Night"

Gaspare, what the hell you doin'?

[Verse 1: Savage Ga$p]
I just had to do ’em on my own sh*t
I just had to do her on some cold sh*t
I just got these b*t*hes in my cold crib
Know you see me lookin' like a ghost, b*t*h
Ayy, like a ghost, b*t*h
I just seen 'em lookin’ when I rode in
Ayy, on some ho sh*t
I just hit it once and then a ho dipped
Young Jack in a bad ho
I been in the cut, lookin' spooky in a black coat (b*t*h)
And she f**kin' with my tats though
I don't know her name but I just know I'm finna clap though, ayy

[Chorus: Savage Ga$p]
Look, don't know her
I'm just finna glow, October
Ayy, don't know her
Boy, I’m finna glow, October

[Verse 2: Savage Ga$p]
Look, and I been gettin’ bands, no Green Day
I been f**kin' geeked off a bean for a week straight
Gas, 93, hit a team play
Catch me in a graveyard, posted where the fiends stay, look
Ayy, and I’m up in her guts, no Berserk, uh
Got these b*t*hes jumpin' out they T-shirt
And I just got a chain for my bro
And I'm finna get my own, but my brothers gotta eat first
Look, and I don't text hoes
I’m just in their mouth like strep throat
And I don't even really wanna fee
Shinigami told me, "Kill 'em," I said, "Let me grab my death note"
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