[Verse 1]
I've spent all of this time
A cauldron stirring hate despite
How every second I've been gone
Are seconds gone to waste
But here you are, it's unexplained
It's what can only be my fate
We share a common point of view
I'm glad we can relate

[Pre-Chorus 1]
All-powerful and pained
Par for the masquerade
What once was fueling rage
Is now part of the game
My vision through your eyes
Our coalescing minds
Have given me new life
And now their lives are mine

As blade and brawn clash in the dust
Of every brawl victorious
No rhyme or reason, just a smile
That's only growing wider

Hundreds of voices cry above
Their pleading echoing at once
"We thought you'd free us from our trial"
But I have brought their pyre
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