Guns N’ Roses
Sentimental Movie
[Verse 1]
You better change your att**ude
Because you know you want it to
You bring me all your pride
But I know you hold it too
I can feed your bounty, yeah
If you feed my head as well
And I won't give you empty promises, yeah
When the quarter's in the wishing well

But this isn't no sentimental movie
Where dreams collect like dust
You talk to me with innocence in your eyes
So now, who can you trust?

[Verse 2]
You think you look so cool
Yes you do
You take me for your fool, yeah
Itching for your... of the hug
Baby I want a new start, but don't you be true, yeah
I can see through your door
You put my head into these walls
You take my heart to the dockside, yeah
You put me in the car
And take me for another ride


[Verse 3]
Put a path on to your veins
And antique and old w****'s our new pain, yeah
The tears you cried
All the tears you cried tonight
You put me down
But you can't get out of sight

[Chorus 2]
And this isn't no sentimental movie
You push it on
You grab it on
But I don't see the TV?
This aisn't no sentimental movie
Yeah, see the screen
You're starting to scream
Abusing confusing
Your program's over?
[Verse 3]
This isn't no sentimental movie
Yeah, you look so cool
Don't take me for another one of your scenes?
This isn't no sentimental movie[x2]
The tears you cried
All the tears you cried tonight
This isn't no sentimental movie[x3]