Guns N’ Roses
Going Down (2013)
I know this shape of blame
It's a crown of thorns
That never seems to break the skin
There's no blood, no scars
Just your broken faith

You used to be so sweet
You walked with a smile
The ashtray is full and the coffee is cold
Abuse yourself, make it useful

You’ve got nothing good to say
Keep your mouth shut
Nothing good to do
Do it to yourself
Nothing is never good enough for you

Sick of everything that you say as you're going down
Sorry for everything
Sick of everything that you do as you're going down
You look like a fool
You never meant to hurt no one
That just happens to be there next to you
As you're going down

I know this dark place
I heard these words
Heard them from over a million tongues
I heard them yelled
I even heard them sung
Get into your car and drive just as fast as you can
You’ve had your 15 minutes
You tried to take an hour but
Now no one, hears your call

As you're going down
You're going down
As you're going down
You're going down

Nothing's good enough for you