Chris Tomlin

"Perfect Light"

Across the desert
Wrapped in scarves
One is brighter
In a chandelier of stars
Tired and lonely
Over miles of mountains and sand
The prophets tell of a Baby
He's born to save
Like graffiti on our hearts
The world will know His name
Heaven like a highway exit sign
Points to Bethlehem

Star of wonder
Star of night
Star with royal
Beauty, bright
Westward leading
Still proceeding
Guide us to Your
Perfect Light

When they saw the Child
They dropped to their knees
Thе answer to a million prayers
In a Newborn hеartbeat
And the words He would say
Would be written in red
And the gifts they've carried
They lay at His feet
In the eyes of Mary
A tear runs down her cheek
Jesus, the Messiah
In a lowly manger bed
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