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The pieces came together but at separate times
You were always his but forever mine
You left me like an addict craving one more high
The dose that brought peaks to my flatline

So perfectly chemically designed
Relapsed and realized you were cyanide
Southern comfort with midwestern eyes
It’s hard to feel your burn when I’m numb inside

You entered my life like a wildfire

Ignited by desire
So captivated
I didn’t feel the air in my lungs expire
Beautiful but violent
Outspoken yet silent
You are the chaos in any environment

So terribly chemically maligned
Our faults intertwined
And you left the worst of you behind

You know you’re in my blood and I can’t take it back
So I’ll just make the most, grow and live with it
Go and change what’s next, cause I can’t with our past
In fact I’ll make them well, what parts of you I am

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