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"The Love That Remains"

When the world has you shut out
I'll always be an open door
And when you unravel with doubt
I’ll stitch the seams right where you’ve torn

For everything that’s lost you are a remnant
A divide between the deficit
I know sometimes it’s easier to leave
Thanks for all the love you gave
And staying right here next to me

Because the only constant in life
Is losing someone or something you love
And If you find yourself out of breath
Restless heart, keep running

Through the hurricanes and lightning strikes
The tidal waves and the wildfires
Nights spent grieving tragedy
The urge toward coping chemically
If these are my final days
I’ll hold on to the love that remains

Everyone gets lost in the wild sometimes
If happiness strays, I hope it’s solace you find
Remember when you stumble under darkened skies
In all things bad, the good still intertwines

I’ve seen more death through the course of this year
Than made connections with the living here
If you’re alone know my heart isn’t far
I’m lost in the void right where you are

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