[Intro: ANoyd]
Look, yeah

[Verse 1]
Man, I'm out here giving trays to the poor
Man, what the f**k do y'all portray?
Been called broke by n***as that I don't f**k with all the way
I'm old school with Dr. J
At Rucker Park today
I'm Kyrie when his jersey not tucked in all the way, murder
My vise versa would change through it, vice verses
Barely come to the service, I been through the epidermis
Rappers be signing like they be spittin' that sh*t in cursive
Life starts to make sense when you livin' out n***as verses, aw
I lost brotherhoods with people I ain't think I would
I ain't know that your sacrifice had a limit
Look, I lost brotherhoods with people I ain't think
Instead of being here to witness, now you gotta bear witness, aw
Pull up in fear, but you can't pull up a chair
Had you head up all the time, let it down and blood appear
All I hear is sin, yeah, I got that Joe Budden ear
Forever here like spaghetti stains in Tupperware
World premier with people that pucker up with the puppeteer
Made me wearin' [?] this situation to persevere, nah
The rapper that CD go to rapper, 3 musketeers
You hustle 'round, I take your people, I'm comin' like Paul Revere, pause
And do the blood on spears, I shake spears like Britney havin' a seizure, ain't playin' Julius Caesar
Like writin' lefty in pencil, words did get smudged
And everything went bad like the fridge unplugged
With these words, blame it on JAY-Z
With other main verses, you never could microwave me
I kill ya, I keep my record clean
Like the radio wanna play this S.A.P
Everything you hearin' from me, you can't even blame me, clear
Vintage frames over the dark brown iris
Y'all hear a song and make somethin' that sound like it
I hear a song and I only care if my mom like it
I take the mic on stage and then I'm blind sighted
Perfect combination between humble and confident
It was mine, you meant to say it was a monument
And it's cool that the talent don't get acknowledgement
This sh*t is written, we livin' after approximate
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