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"Stop Signs"

[Verse 1: Stalley]
Yeah n*gga I been that
If a n*gga owe me then homie best send that
I ain't for the joking, no I ain't no Sinbad
If you talk about the Gods, you ain't getting that sun back
Get your sh*t cracked before you finish that sentence
I wouldn't risk it, dental work a little expensive
Been a misfit, never been attentive, at night I need Ritilin
I was hype then a hypochondriac
Moms couldn't figure out where my mind was at
I was loose screws, running around with two fools
One of them had a deuce deuce we was on the go
Running wild stop signs we was shooting through
Loitering in parking lots, picking cars off lots
n*gga we was lootin' too
Polluting our livers, destroying our lungs
Living like grown men, the boys were so young
Should've been in school but the streets were so fun
Running stop signs

[Hook: PJK]
Take your time young man
The wise men used to say
Don't rush to get old
My OG used to say
Take your time young man
Don't (?)
Live your life how you want to
Don't waste your time on the corner

[Verse 2: Stalley]
Please slow down young man
These streets will swallow you
Don't get drowned young man
But keep your head up
Don't get down young man
These coppers got their scopes on us
Barring young black man
So watch the signs when you're speeding through life
It gets dark quick and the roads don't look the same at night
And you'll get lost in the midst of the hype
Trying to fit in that circle, just to earn your stripes
How the patterns change
n*ggas went from gold to platinum chains just to act the same
Active with the gang bang
But nobody activist when the action came
When the Lords shot Jackie man
n*ggas actually blamed Gucci Mane
Cause Jackie was in Brick Squad
I mean Jackie didn't rap but he pitched hard
Banging Trap God in his platinum Range
He was the definition of having things
And I do mean everything in a lifetime
But one thing he didn't have
Was control over the stop sign


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