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"Old School Game"

[Verse: Stalley]
My momma said be ready when your numbers called
And ball out until you're ready to take that number off
Watch what them haters say
Watch what them leeches pray
Peel your ears back (?) is what them haters say
Cause when you start worrying about them that's when you lose focus
Don't worry (?) already know why your boy wrote this
A bunch of tagalongs pulling on my coattail
Them same lames now trying to wish a n*gga well
And for them bopping girls who now wanna kiss and tell
You can kiss my ass and go to H-E-Double L
This the get back baby don't look at me funny
Its been that crazy
Small hiatus, I been a little lazy
Until I went home and seen the starving faces of the people that done raised me
In the regal at the light in the still of the night
It dawned on me how I gotta make this wrong ish right
Whether we ball or poker we all know jokers
We go all in
Jersey under the street codes, hold up
I can hear my city calling

[Outro: (?)]
O-H-I-O that's the city where I'm from that's the state
I said O-H-I-O, you ain't really ready f*ck the hate
Everybody coming and I'm gonna tell them one thing
Stalley got to elevate the music one thing
Ey oh
O-H-I-O elevate the game, elevate the game

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