Slim’s Return
One, two

[Verse: Stalley]
Ghetto celebrities
Hood movie stars
Pack slingers to rap singers is who we are
Now listen to the sounds of MadStalley on
As I carry on the charm of a don
Walk like the Fonz, cooler than Franz
In mid-January with my three piece on
Tailor made, I been a spade
A sight to see, a walking parade
Ohio I put on
Brilliant I'm militant, I get 'em amped
Soon as I step on stage and get a band
Then I get a boom
Fist in the air, now punch up the room
Shake up the building
Wake up the children
Tell everybody move 'til we turn up to Slim
Aye aye captain, I'm I'm him
Apology for the delay, salute to where I been
City to city
Show after show stuffing money in the bin
Sheep to sheik
Verse after verse, they said there's money in my pen
As the ink keeps spilling, I'm writing out feelings
Worth about a million
I can barely count my ends
Caught hard times, people dipped out
Now I can barely count my friends
Who cares I'm still here as the world goes around
On my middle finger it spins
Like a globetrotter
My alma mater is victory
Started off with a lot of L's now its nothing but wins
Pocket full of crumpled paper filed with Ohio hymns
My midwest drawl will define the awe, smiles and grins
Pop is giant, vanity must I quiet
To start and eat good I must diet
Trust me must you try it
Bad move when testing a giant
I'm from the southeast side
Where one wrong word could cause a riot
Bunch of revolutionary thugs when the sirens go off
We go to war with the fuzz
Rebel music out the back of our trunks
40 finale, from Lincoln Way to Tremont
The return of MadStalley
The return of MadStalley