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[Verse 1]
Drag racing
Left the game behind me
I'm zooming on these n*ggas and I don't see nobody
There's no competition and I told you n*ggas I'd be
Back to put down, now I'm back with the crown
Crooked C with the pins on it
My kids life depends on it
So when the pen glowing and then I get going
I ain't tip toeing, I'm stomping
In the black boots that mob
Look at the ish they start
Made a honest man straight heartless
1 to 9 be ski mask mobbing
Someone pass me the bump blump
I got something to say boy
Real intelligent ish too, something n*ggas will pay for
Got filth under my nails, so I ain't tryin' to be no playboy
Or sell you nothing I ain't boy, see ain't for that dumb ish
Yeah I aim at your nugget over that rat hole and I'll plug it
Took my slick flow and I thugged it
Now these lame ass n*ggas they love it
I does it, for you and you
Put it together like two and two
BCGMMG, yeah that be my only crew

BCGMMG, yeah that be my only crew (x4)

[Verse 2]
American flag on my steering wheel
Pine tree on my rear view mirror
Everything seeming closer than what it appears
And what it appears to be
Is that everything in front of me is mine
So no time to focus on what's behind
I'm focused on mine, I'm focused on time
Rolex watch with the fragment design
Small town boy with the worldly mind
The world is mine, the world is mine
I repeat it to myself at night
This flag dangling reminds me of my earned stripes
The stars represent my eyes
The blue is for the blood flowing cold as ice
The convertible Chevy's poltergeist
And it's cocaine white and it flows so nice
It's coolest when I pull up at lights
And hop out like the grim reaper collecting lives
20 inch blades and they cut like knives
I creep up on your block, then I cut my lights
Make sure I hit everything in sight
I'm leaving no prisoners, I ain't sparing life
A savage journey for my American slice
I'm not needy, but I'm greedy and I want my pie
So I can split it then share with my guys
Then Meek shall inherit, but I'm done playing nice
Cause a good guy never own anything
But a humble life

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