Always Into Something (L.A. Leakers Remix)
[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]
100 miles and runnin'
Always into something
Yelling fuck the police
Like I’m straight up out of Compton
Real n***as don’t die
Appetite for destruction
Just a n***a with an attitude
Always into something

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Stampede on stomp, mash smash out
Cashing and taking motherfucking cash out
Hit double time switches pushing glass house
See the bitch like the garbage, take the trash out
[?] dear mama , here I come, Osama
[?] Big Snoop, [?]
Casey with the suit cases filled with llamas
In the car banging like a house party
Blowing out the speakers with the L.A. Leakers
Get fat burgers just to get a meal
And if a n***a trip I'mma shoot to kill
Ice cubes in my drank, I kill at will
Wish a n***a would cause a n***a will
Jump off with the sickle cell nickels?
Spray off always into something dumpin', looking for a n***a
Now I got 'em
[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]

[Verse 2: Stalley]
Still got impalas on eights, coupe riding with case
Smoke a blunt with Kurupt, lettin' the chevy move bass
Got the two on the waist, Jordan eights on the pedal
Ridin' down the [?], showin' love to the ghetto
N***as thought i was west cause I'm on the [?] with n***a
On the town front 'em swap meet with the Compton Crips
I get love out there from the hills to the strip
But I'm a mid-west n***a, don't mistake that ish
I'm authentic to my pearly whites, never bite and shit
So all that heckling and loose talk, get tightened quick
I'm from the bloodline of hustlers, bow tie and pricks
Gentleman services, million dollar fence
Rottweilers and pits, loud bops on the corner
Every n***a did juvie before they get the diploma
Stay runnin' from cops cause they now they pop on us
Most of mothers are single and most of fathers are stoners
And we coming from nothing, so we

[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]

[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
Ridin round, round we go , I get around
Tryna make a dollar outta a dime right now
The illest youngin' outta LA in a minute
Working down the 4, come home, I give it the business
If I give a fuck about a chick I be broke
Kurupt in the studio off them moon rocks we smoke
Cops pull me over, they want my license revoked
I pull up in that Bimmer, give the young n***as hope
California weather, I swear it's so amazing
In my own city it feel like a vacation
Real west side, n***a, and I hate waiting
All we know is hustling, gettin to the paper
They show me love every time I come around
I'm always into something, need to slow it down
I'm gettin' older now, man, I'm really growing now
Man in my city like the mayor how I roll around
[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]