The Vandals

"Join Us For Pong (Live)"

I've been a player in a punk rock band now for fourteen years
Look at you
And look at me, hahaha (Hahaha), look where I am

This song's about an amazing video game, it's called Pong
It goes somethin' like this, you ready to go? (It goes like this)

[Verse 1]
It's the gay nineties and you can't watch nothin' good
Mindless pinko garbage all they make in Hollywood
Kung Fu Theater, now there's a show with class
I'd like to find the guy who cancelled it and karate chop his ass
So after Alf is done, ain't nothin' else good on
All my rowdy friends come over because I have Pong, sing it

Join us! (Come on) Join us! (Ahh)
Join us! Yеah, yeah, yeah, join us for Pong!

[Verse 2]
I got the foxеs, I got that clout
I got my unit on the day that they came out
You bring the snack treats, you bring the booze
I ain't bringin' nothin', does that box belong to you?
And "Pass the Dutchie"'s on, my all-time favorite song
Turn it down, you moron, we're tryin' to play Pong
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