Ice Billion Berg

"We Found Love (Freestyle)"

I get money all through the map
Going hard as f**k. I can't do without
Drop me a 'vert sitting on them thangs
Riding with the top down while getting some brains

Oh, Oh!
Dunk Ryders. But no I ain't a Dunk Ryder
n***as left me on my own island
But over the years I've grown liver
Grown wiser
Strong minded
Styler than my untied Foamposites
Fell off? What the f**k is that?
n***a Berg been touching stacks!

And I still ride with that oak
You is a herd if you hear this ho
Riding with the short one when I'm in that coop
And sh*t I might have two when I'm in that mood

You still talkin' about sticks and slidin'
Well lately n***a been hittin' islands
Partying and sippin' on Pina Coladas

With b*t*hes doing some tricks in private
Yeah right that's Billion though
And when I'm around, conceal yo ho
You hatin' and I guarantee she feelin' me more
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