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Lou the Human


And I still stay high just more lowkey now
I quit the lean and OE, it only slowed me down
Been tryna get a hold of myself, 'cause you would never hold me down
My new girls miss the old me now
And sh*t i think I hate myself
Lately I just ain’t myself
Tryna save everybody else and I can’t even save myself
Disgusted in the mirror
Tryna function at this function
I ain’t even wanna be here
But I gotta show face more
I gotta see my place more
I’m used to being homeless
I don’t ever like to stay long
So how could I expect you to wait
When I been waking up lately and forgetting the state
Stay in a daze so I’m spaced out forgetting the day
Tryna remember why the f*ck I even get in this game it’s like
Every time I see my nieces they older
Ain’t even see em grow up
What if they needed a shoulder
And the girl I love is still on the block I left
Think my old friend is smoking rocks again
I just wish I could talk to him
I just wish we could start again to relive this sh*t
Before the city took our innocence
Tryna play the hand I’m dealt
From where they dealing sh*t
I can’t even deal with sh*t
f*ck rap and a deal n sh*t
I feel guilty
My old homies is still in the field really
Probably screaming f*ck me so I don’t know how to feel really
They all said they love me look around they ain’t still wit me
A lot that’s concealed in me
A lot of it’s ill
Getting high so the pain’ll stop
When I was younger I used to think I could save the block
Now I’m spending Bands like I don’t know how to save a lot
My ex saying I changed a lot
I can’t even say that it’s not
All this fame I forgot Lou
All this drink I forgot you
At least I did until the morning
I used to go places people knew me so I could feel I’m important
I used to want people to see me and now I can’t avoid it
And it still ain’t filling this void
I don’t know what’s real anymore
I’m lying to people I love
I don’t think I feel anymore
A lost boy with lost marbles
I lost star and found stardom
I found me when I lost all em yeah
I dream about you and I don't know what it means yeah
Some Jean Grey sh*t, I don't know what it seems like but
I fell a fiend, and rose a Phoenix my flow the meanest
You ain't get the vision, I always seen it
f*ck the scene I seen what it does to people so f*ck it y'all could keep it
I'll die the meanest and live the nicest
I didn't write this I bombed the paper like isis
A bad vibe is in your words you not speaking I could peep it so I'm defeating
Anyone thinking they running this race that I started
With the baton they never gave me I'll take it the farthest
I need million dollar mansion you thinking apartments
Guess thats what set us apart dog you thinking in boxes
And I left that, kid from the west that
Said f*ck dealing, no drug cured em I'm stuck ill and
Wayne before prison too dedicated so f*ck ceilings
And f*ck feelings, in this cycle of life in one wheeling
Training wheel rappers be bragging bout how they never falling
Ain’t change they number but wonder why I was never calling
I call a spade a spade, hands I’m dealt I bet I play blind folded and still black jack while I call your bluff
All these rappers you calling tough sh*t was all a front
I never fronted or backed down it was all or nothing
Remember days that I ain't eat and got a smaller stomach
Remember we was smoking weed they on a stronger substance now
And some of 'em turn they back on me
I left home with no intentions of turning back homie
The drugs stopped working while I'm battling this
I was broke all I had was reality checks
Losing people over business and they say don't take it personal it isn't but I'm starting to think different
Yeah but I started to think listen
f*ck the dissing and who's missing remember why even I started this mission
I can't do sh*t if my heart isn't it
My minds gone and man that sh*t has been gone for a minute
But then again, everybody I ever met up in this game shady ironic I'm the one that they compare to Em
I played crazy and got lost in that sh*t on some Heath ledger sh*t
But still he'd never quit
I'm from painkiller paradise where E wet and spliffs
All they know I told myself that I would be better b*tch yeah
Sometimes I wish I woulda picked up a different profession
But how else could I deal with this built up aggression
f*cked over so many times but I still been finessing
sh*t sometimes I think I'm cursed but it's still been a blessing
I lit the fuse, woulda been quit but got sh*t to prove
My sh*t list is a page or two
I charge it to the game, and paid my dues
So listen dude I got sh*t to move
From the same hood some as killers but I got different views
I speak ill, it's love peace but I beat kill
Each scale Doc said I'm sick sh*t I agree still
I'm prescribed to real sh*t so here's a free pill
Back to back like Meek Mill if you need a refill yeah
If you need a refill

[Interlude: Lou's Mom]
Hey, sweetie
Ugh, I'm sending you a big hug, my love
I was just thinking about you too
Just hang in there, just for today
Just for today, papi, know that I love you
Know that this too is gonna pass and it sucks
And I'm so sorry, I am so sorry, my heart bleeds for you
What you're going through, all of this
You can do this though, I know you can
Just right now, need you strong too
I love you, I love you so much baby
Bye, honey

[Outro: Alina Baraz]
And I'm all yours, all yours
And I'm all yours (Show me)
I'm all yours, all yours
I'm all yours

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