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Lou the Human

"Death Note"


Yeah, ayy
I was always ready though, Joe Pesci with the flow
Gettin' dome, home alone with ya ex, probably givin' chromosomes
Im just gettin' what I came for, yeah, I'm gone but I came more
Never home, that's the gang, boy
I was waitin' in the wings, yeah
I been patient in this thing, yeah
Now I'm klepto with the flow-oh
I'm just takin' everything, yeah
They be hatin' on the kid, yeah
Makin' statements yo they sing, yeah
But they never hit a C-note, I just see notes with they name, damn
Why the f*ck I go crazy? yeah
Yo' girlfriend wanna date me, yeah
Doin' 80 in Mercedes yeah, they all di*k ridin' now
Same people back then was tryna' play me, yeah
f*ck is y'all really sayin' to me?
Life's a game and I'm playing for keeps
They pop sh*t but I'm prayin' we meet, yeah
'Cause they talk a lot of sh*t I don't see like that
Man, I don't think that he like that?
How come he never come at me like that?
Since like '03, I rap
In the West street, where the heat got clapped
At Mike's crib, ain't have beats, like Mom I'll be right back
Tryna be Mike Jack, tryna be like Hov, tryna be like Em
Tryna be like both, got two blonde twins so to me, that's Olsen
Gotta ease back off him
Fore I bring that coffin
I don't blink that often, got fire in my eyes
Got ash in my jeans, getting higher than the sky
A Mariah in the ride I'll retire when I die, yeah
You put a sub on the Internet
I'll f*ck yo' b*tch to The Internet
Was probably gettin' too intimate
I think I'm probably too into it
I think I'm actually crazy
This sh*t just not a gimmick, yeah
I do not know what a limit is
I go Picasso on every sketch
No I.D. gave me advice, what's the intention?
You gettin' attention or is you takin' your time?
But I do the race when I rhyme
I don't see a stop sign, cannot stop firing, I'ma c*ck iron yeah
They don't really want smoke, they'd probably choke
Tell 'em stop lyin', yeah
I'm a fever, no I'm Caesar, no a C4
When I blow you gon' see four shadows of Hiroshim', dawg
I'm a Beamer, you a hoopty
Drop my old b*tch, she a groupie
Still ten toes, two feet, down like a roofie
Got a round for a goofy, outta town, I feel loopy
I don't sleep, I chase two dreams, mine and the whole team
No the home team, you a cheerleader
b*tch, I'm a career eater
I don't even really care either, in the rap game now
And I still can't find a peer if we measured by a fair meter
I been f*ckin' all these hoes that frontin' they got amnesia now
But I don't need her like I need more the Selena type
I'm just tryna pull up in the fur that get PETA tight, word
Flow disgusting, I'm sicker than drinkin' Robitussin
With lead in red soda cups and probably put a hole in stomachs
You already know who run it, rappers I been Cobra clutchin'
I never crack, shout out to Lamar but I don't owe them nothing
I never left though, I'm lefty so at 27 if I see the front of Heaven
Tell 'em that I rep though, from the East to the West Coast
Anyone who want can get more
They know who the coldest
b*tch, I wrote this in a death note, yeah

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