Lud Foe

"I’m Da Man"

Gang, gang
I'm da man, I'm da man
Gang gang
I'm da man, i'm da man
Lud Foe, Boochie Gang
Aye i'm da man

[Verse 1]
Male gigolo, don juan i'm loose of this pimp juice
We got macs for days, f**k a deuce deuce
Put a nail in yo head, i'm a loose screw
Old shotty, new body
I'm so high I popped 2 beans and forgot about it
I dont wanna f**k your dream b*t*h, she got mileage
I dropped out selling dope, n***a f**k a college
Hit the club draped in gold, b*t*h i'm big and bold
Selling blows by store ridin with this pole
I got 50 shots under the seat, i'm illegal and violent
And I don't even got no license, don't supposed to be driving
You can get them drugs gone and stepped on
Foenem pull up on yo ass you get left on
At your head like a dread, don't get clamped on
Trigger squeeze squeeze, bullets rip your Teflon
I'm in VIP, flee, balling like i'm Jim Jones
We got R Kelly Eateats, bugged up get p*ssed on
Lately Ive been going on vacation, f**king off Caucasian
Foenem come thru violate your nation like he on probation
I'm a turn up on the pu**y n***as who said I wouldn't make it
b*t*h, I'm from the streets they don't give me money then ima take it
Fall in KOD, thru these Louie Shades I see booty shaking
You get R-I-P, you get filled with heat leave yo body shaking
b*t*h I'm from chicago, with drug dealers, killers, and rapists
Masturbate my trigga, I finger f**k nina until she naked
Forgis on the beamer I bail out cleaner than Aquafina
Riding in the steama, extended clips filled with Jalapena's
I'm da man, I run them bands up
I got meatrolls in my pocket, I can't pull my pants up
It's a stick up b*t*h don't move, n***a throw yo hands up
Get yo b*t*h up off your room she a freaky dancer
The police snatch me up for questioning, don't got no answer
f**k n***a you don't want no smoke, you don't want no cancer
Foenem leave a n***a stinking like a sh*tty pamper
I love flexing on these b*t*hes, I ain't got no manners
I'm a Balmain rocker, I'm a pistol c*cker
You's a f**king pillow talker, you's a pickle blocker
b*t*h I turn up at my shows, i'm a party rocker
My lil shorty keep that pole, he's a body dropper
I be with some hot n***as, come and sip the shotta
She gon' dance for all these bands like I'm Speaker Knockerz
If you run off with that work, you gon need a doctor
I just bought another choppa named it Helicopter
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