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Lud Foe

"Direct Messages"

My outwest sh*t n*gga 290 sh*t n*gga you already know how we rockin'
Get your guns up or get your funds up
You on that opp sh*t get mopsticked

[Verse: Lud Foe]
These f*ck n*ggas hate me already
Got a young n*gga feeling like I made it already, b*tch
I like my cheese with spaghetti f*ckin' with my fetty you get woped brains like spaghetti, b*tch
You hop up off that plane we extorting n*ggas
n*gga you's a mouse n*gga you a house n*gga
I got shooters from out south n*gga, watch ya mouth n*gga, late night
We pop out show you what we bout n*gga
Ain't no room in my room pistols in the couch n*gga
Got a room full of goons and we pointing out n*ggas
Lud Foe took his cookies cause he was a scout n*gga
I'm gorilla mixed with killer I'll shoot it out with you
I hit the club with some thugs throwing dubs on yo baby momma
Hop up out the 'Rarri do the dash you'll think I was sonic
Boochie gang gang should be on Americas most wanted
I got yo b*tch high thought she was gone die when she hit the chronic
Call up cago bring that tool he gone act a fool
If you snooze you gone make the news boy don't be no fool
The GD's the BD's will kill sh*t for me, but you know I'm 4CH Solid gang hard to deal with, b*tch
b*tch, you f*cking with me you gone hit the kill switch this pump will knock a dread out yo head when that steel hit it
I been on that savage sh*t and I'm still with it
Heard these f*ck n*ggas out of shape and I'm still fitted
Trappin out that bando sellin heroin
It all started out I was a shorty playing with bb guns
Went to school with my daddy tool I was a sneaky son
A lot of hallows you think you a bully come get you some
Turned 15 and I went and bought a tommy gun
Pull up serving Whitney had to serve my uncle bobby sum
Who ain't got no check pus*y boy we got a lot of funds
Got it out the mud bussing juggs till that profit come
pus*y better use your brain if you got it all
n*gga say he drinking lean he drinking Tylenol
That money hit me up n*gga I ain't gotta call
These b*tches eat me up gimme head till they lockjaw
We pull up get to shooting if you try and run them bullets chase
We do this sh*t professional the police come won't leave a trace
Aim at yo top when it drop I can see the sun
Them hollows hit yo chest leave it sticky like a piece of gum
b*tch I roll with thieves
Count blue cheese till my fingers numb
Selling cooca leaf I chief with the Mexicans
She say she want a feast feed her di*k
She won't get a crumb
You know I'm in chiraq you can't come come where I'm from
That's yo ass pus*y boy you trash get put in the dump
I stir it in the bowl make it cold like a chemist does
You snitching on yo n*ggas boy you told should've shut it up
Throwin shade I ain't got no blade but I'm cuttin' up
You the type of n*gga get on then you leave n*ggas
I'm the type of n*gga get on and I feed n*ggas
I'ma rock the club with my gang I don't need n*ggas
You better tuck yo chain be a stain or the victim
Bullets hit yo brain show no sympathy we treat n*ggas
Get a body bag white sheet rest in peace n*gga I'm lookin for that boy but I ain't playing hide and seek with him
We catch him in L'A while its hot let that heat hit him
I got a 40 Glock 30 shots up in these denims
Then I pull up get to shooting hit that n*gga and who be with him
Then we slam off in a Jaguar with the top off take her top off no Lacoste b*tch this sh*t cost
I'm a fat n*gga B.O.N b*tch I'm big boss, I'm a trap n*gga get 'em in then I send em off
Say you at the top bullets hot knock yo top off
That shotty hit yo body put a body on my sawed off
Serving dope to the dope fiends make em nod off
f*ck a hoe sell a hoe dreams then I drove off

I'm sending direct messages (x3)
I get money calls in Texas
I'm sending direct messages (x3)
I get money calls in Texas

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