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Lud Foe


Gang, ayy, ayy
Kid Wond3r, you made this beat too? Damn
No Hooks Part 2, b*tch, you know how I'm rockin', n*gga
Get your guns up, get your funds up
You on that opp sh*t, get mop stick, b*tch
Out west 290 sh*t, YSN, young street n*gga
Ayy, gang
Ayy, ayy

All my n*ggas gangbang, f*ck the other side
Just bought a choppa, now I'm fiendin' for a homicide
Flyest n*gga livin', I give b*tches butterflies
You a street n*gga? Boy, your ass don't even come outside
Get my street sweepers, coroners come and pick my trash up
Made it rain in the club, hoes pickin' cash up
Big body rims rub, n*gga, this a fast truck
Brian Urlacher, b*tch, you know I got my sacks up
Four MACs in this Q7, this a Mack truck
Big b*tch do a split, drop it, bring it back up
When we doin' shows, all the hoes, they attack us
Yeah, we ball but you fouled out, you shouldn't have hacked us
Tote a strap, n*gga, so don't get clapped, n*gga
I ain't got time to box with you, I don't wanna scrap with you
You was sleepin' on me, well, you shouldn't have took a nap, n*gga
I got you and I know you want your lick back, n*gga
I'm from out west, we don't go to kickbacks, n*gga
My gun big but it don't got a kickback, n*gga
I rock designer, everything missmatched, n*gga
She get lost with me, I know you want your b*tch back, n*gga
I'm ballin' hard, you can have her back, I'm tossin' her, Randy Mossin' her
Bust a nut on her and make her sister lick it off of her
I can't cuff that b*tch, no, I'm not a police officer
Got a lot of haters but the glizzies keep 'em off of us
Gucci, Louis denim, boy, you still rockin' Hollister
Hit the mall with my dawgs and we buy a lot of stuff
If my brother shoot you, I'ma shoot you, it's a lot of us
Should've wore a vest, .223 bullets chop you up
He say he gettin' money but the numbers never add up
If you say you real, what the f*ck you got to act for?
You ain't down to kill, what the f*ck you got a strap for?
You ain't chasin' mils, what the f*ck you servin' packs for?
I f*cked her and her friend, made that b*tch call for backup
You ain't heard about that last n*gga that got clapped up?
Wanna end up like that last n*gga tryna act tough?
Addin' money to my stash house and let it stack up
I'm ridin' with this baby choppa 'cause I'm ruthless
Rims blow your b*tch a kiss, you squarer than a deep dish
Get 'em straight up out that water, yeah, like a sea fish
Hit your block, then we double back, that's a remix
I spray the K, then I get ghost like I'm Casper
n*ggas broke but I ain't, what I need a cast for?
Don't be stupid, boy, you know what we get on your ass for
No face, no case, what you think I got my mask for?
I heard n*ggas on that hate sh*t
These n*ggas broke, gotta face it
I roll me up a Swisher and I face it
My rims big, made my car look like a spaceship
I just bought another Draco with that K clip
I aim it at your nose, give your ass a face lift
If you ain't talkin' money, I don't want your conversation
I just wanna f*ck you b*tch, I don't want your relations
Stick to that G code, you don't know your combination
Them choppa bullets stoppin' your blood from circulatin'
The feds tried stoppin' my trap from percolatin'
But meanwhile, I'm out of town, recuperatin'

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