Lud Foe

"The Next Day"

Everywhere I Go It's Still Money To Be Made
I'm Balling Like A Pro, I'm Duking Hoes Everyday
I'm Trapping Out That Bando Runnig Turned Me To A Slave
Wanna See Me Behind Bars Or Dead In The Grave
& I Ain't Never Been Scared Of Nothing Lil n***a Cause I'm Brave
Hit The Mall Then I Spend It All Cause Ion Like To Save
Cause I Know I'ma Make It Back Probably The Next Day
I'ma Live For Tonight Cause I Ain't Promise The Next Day
Ayeeee Ayee Aye

Grew Up With Some Goons Yeah Some Young Street n***as
These n***as Hating I Ain't Got Time To Try To Compete With'em
You Cold Hearted Bet You Thaw Out If I Let That Heat Hit You
You War With Us We'll Get Whoever Running The Streets With You
These Freaky b*t*hes Wanna Have My Baby
I Wanna Put A 4G Auto On A New Mercedes
See Me I Always Had Dreams To Be A Rich n***a
So I Ain't Been Doing A Lot Of Sleeping Lately Aye
I'm Working Hard For It, He Say He Balling But I Know He A Small For It
I Earned My Stripes, I Gave My Life, I Did It All For It
Don't Tell Me sh*t About That Cause I Played The Cards For It
I Know You All Know It, I Love The Lord But I'm Still Sinning, I'm Still Sinning
Never Lost Cause b*t*h I'm Still Winning, I'm Still Winnings
Tell My Momma I'ma Real n***a, I'm Out Here In This Field So Gotta Deal With It, Deal With It
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