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Lud Foe


Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Like I do magic, like I do magic
b*t*h, gang, gang
Like I do magic, like I do magic
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Run up on me and this sh*t gon' get tragic, ayy
Make a n***a disappear, like I do magic
The police get behind me, I disappear, like I do magic
I whip a deuce into a four, like I do magic
I dunk on a b*t*h, like I'm with the Lakers, they call me Magic
I'm gettin' to that dough and I probably f**ked more hoes than Magic
You gettin' money, but when you goin' broke, they disappear, magic
They say Lud Foe how you blow up? I don't know, it was magic
My homie caught a case, we caught the witness, they disappeared, magic
f**k CPD, they ran in my house, they ain't found me, I was in the attic
I got your b*t*h up in the Wraith, looked up, she thought it was magic
This ain't no fully automatic pistol but n***a I'm shootin' it rapid
Why your b*t*h keep callin' my phone, she got a fat ass, she want me to tap it
Run up on me if you think it's an act and this MAC have you stumbling backwards
b*t*h, all of your homies in caskets, we be stuffin' them in Backwoods
b*t*h, I'll pull up and start blastin', I'll do a hit and start laughin'
Smoking opp pack
Where your gun at? you better tote that
I'm off the dome, I ain't even wrote that
It's a cold world, where your coat at?
You get face shots, like a Kodak
I'm lookin' for you n***a, where your block at?
Ain't one up top, he forgot to c*ck that
Drive a six-trey, then unlock that
Hit the block then I white chalk that
I fall in the club like, where them b*t*hes at?
We in minivans, lookin' for your mans, huh
Where them n***as at?
sh*t that you do in the streets, never mention that
He ain't know I have my heat
I looked at that n***a like b*t*h who you flinchin' at?
I'm Chef Boyardee, I f**k up the pot, show me where the kitchen at
We in the club and she can't keep focused, I'm where all her attention at
b*t*h I was checkin' attendance, where was your attendance at?
Don't say you want war with us, 'cause if you start with us, b*t*hes gon' f**k around, finish that
Pull on your block, swingin' this brand new Glock forty like a tennis racket
Get knocked right out of your socks, thought we was gon' box, but no I'ma kill his ass
This clip full of hot sh*t, that's right, I'ma fill his ass
We hit this f**k n***a, let off thirty shots and it still ain't hit, sh*t
My b*t*h got an ass so fat
Sittin' right on her back, her jeans, she can't even fit
This pill got me rollin' hard
I got cotton mouth, so b*t*h I can't even spit
Don't give no f**k who you gon' get
b*t*h, we gon' kill you and whoever you with
Try walkin' in my shoes, they don't even fit
'Cause b*t*h I'm real as it get, real as it get
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