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Lud Foe


If your discussion ain't about no money, quit talking then
My b*t*h an immigrant, I like 'em foreign, yeah she a ten
I probably stuck my d**k in every dime, the jigga man
I hit the club in my chinchilla coat, like Killa Cam
The plug shippin' me narcotics in, I called it in
Got so much money on the f**kin floor, it's fallin' in
You that lil n***a think you a gorilla, with monkey hands
Switch different traps, I know the police plottin', on runnin' in

[Verse 1]
Towards the middle the month, the trap house slow up
n***a, don't bro us, 'cause you don't know us, ayy
Better have that fetty right on time if you owe us
Re-rock it and sell you the same dope that you sold us
b*t*h, you must thought I was in love with you, I'm done with you
Done f**ked around and now she sprung on this young n***a
This b*t*h told me give her some' she could put her tongue on
I'm lurkin', lookin' for someone to pull my gun on
I just spent a brand new check, got one of my hoes a booty
Seven different hoes of the week, they got different duties
I do damage with this tooly, I knock out your sushi
She out her rabbit ass mind, think I'm gon' eat her coochie
Just bought a chopper, named it Badazz, Lil Boosie
Set you on fire 'til I'm runnin' out of f**kin' fluid
She smokin' reefer, up and pop a pill, she's a hype ho
What's to these faggot ass rappers wearing all of these tight clothes?
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