Lud Foe


Front me some dope, I cross you over like the Globetrotters
I'm in the club putting in orders for the gold bottles
sh*t hit the fan, that n***a snitched, he couldn't hold water
I get the Pyrex and fill it with some cold water
These forty-five bullets shake like a teeter-totter
I got my son drinking milk out a Gucci bottle
After the drive-by, that car smelled like gunpowder
Aim at your top, crack you open like a sunflower

[Verse 1]
You're outta luck, you better duck, I'll blow your head off
You run off with that pack, my n***as cut your legs off
Slept with the money, it took an hour to clean the bed off
I'm in my low-low, I'm tryna throw the feds off
These n***as characters, all actors, and DW's
I'm just a pistol toter, duckin' you, you W's
I sipped some dope, it have me high up off the residue
Think you's a big n***a, don't make my chopper measure you
They took you in investigation room and pressured you
They must've knew that you would fold, yeah, they pressured you
I couldn't f**k your b*t*h, I had a busy schedule
These VVS's make my wrist look like a swimming pool
You better find the exit 'fore them bullets enter you
This for them broke n***as, I hope I'm not offending you
You got your vest on but it's not defending you
pu**y n***a dissin' me, you down for me to mental you
My trap house loaded up, with dope fiends
New crib, fill it up, with Flash Gang
n***a let me talk my sh*t
And if you got a broke disease, go get you some vaccine
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