Lud Foe

(Kid Wond3r, you made this beat? Damn)
Wop (Gang)
Gang (Wop)
OutWest 290 sh*t b*t*h
You know how I'm rocking n***a (Wop)
Get your guns up
Get your funds up (b*t*h)
You on the opp (b*t*h) sh*t get mop stick b*t*h
(Gang) YSN Young Street n***a
Aye (Gang)
Gang (Wop)
b*t*h (Wop)

Pull up in ah Lamborghini swervin' (Swerve)
Hurt these n***as feelings and I did it on purpose (f**k you) (Purpose)
VVS diamonds got em flurgin' (Bling)
Posted in the bando with some ammo and I'm servin' (Servin')
Heard you n***as gettin' nervous? (You nervous?)
If you ain't talkin' money n***a you don't need my service (f**k you)(Service)
All black and I'm Purging (Purge)
I gave her ah hunnit for some head it was worth it (Ehh)

(Aye, aye, aye, aye)

Head hot drop top
That's a key lock
Muggin' at me crazy, you must want your face shot?
Old head, old soul, cookin' in the pot
Bag it up, seal it up, sell on the block
My n***as do scams scams
My n***as serve pounds pounds
You be overdose off the lean lean
AMariofilm with a new scene scene
pu**y smell good like some Oxi Clean clean
She be in her bed, she be havin' wet dreams dreams

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