Asian Doll


[Verse 1]
Hi nice to meet yah!
Red in my eye, the grim reaper
We are not cool, I deceased her
Treat you like wood, bullet holes in your body like beavers
b*t*hes be hating on the bleachers
Tummy tuck pistols to greet you
Kill on the beat like I'm Ether
Shelter these b*t*hes
Check out my swag, like an ad I'm promoting the feature
Over night b*t*hes want fame
True to the game, we popping blood vessels .45 on your vein
b*t*hes looked up to me, claiming my lane
But got upset, Asian started this lane
Aye, pop out and rock out with Glocks
Change your b*t*h mind like a clock
Wrapped it up, mail your head shipped in a box
Claiming you gang, only get your sh*t rocked

Rocked! Rocked!
Yeah b*t*h!
f**k going on?
Yeah b*t*h!

[Verse 2]
Gucci the heels and it cover my body
Rolling out pills, I might pass you a Molly
Freaky lil' b*t*h, she the life of the party
You ain't got money, you f**king for nothing
Hop on my wave, you just follow instructions
Ass in Versace, can't sit on your cushion
Breaking down bails, smoke a P without choking
Aim in his mouth like I'm striking for bowling
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