Asian Doll


I had money, way before the deal
Still ain’t got no deal, I’m flexing looking like a meal
Everything I spit a hit, I flex like doctor Phil
You ain’t in the field, homies dying, boy you squeal

I was gangster way before them Glocks
Grew up in the south ain’t never banged another block
For b*t*h to see the hoe in you, your n***a was a opp
How you ain’t a star, I’ll beat you at the top

[Verse 1]
Mac eleven heaven clip
Hope you go to heaven b*t*h
Ain’t no back and forth, lambo straight up off the dealership
Get some head and then I dip
All that capping, running lip, I’m echelon
I’m off a zip, like a doll, bye b*t*h
Backwood, just like me, some dirty and a sprite
Let you pipe my b*t*hes twice
My money long it made me nice
I got sh*t I never had, double digits do the math
Bet that b*t*h ain’t go to school, who she passing looking ass
b*t*hes ain’t gon’ never pop, but tryna compete
Don’t f**k with goofy n***as, b*t*hes
I like savages freaks
What’s a team with dumb b*t*hes, I be riding with heat
Try to help these hoes, I failed, but they was aiming at me
Cut throat killer b*t*h
Slow, break a kilo
I’m a gang banger
Real b*t*h, bout my pesos
Gotta lay low, feds watching
Wanna take my mans
Don’t you?
Semi automatics, for n***as who be speaking on me
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