Asian Doll


b*t*hes ain’t on sh*t, n***as ain’t on sh*t, they babies ain’t on sh*t, they mamas ain’t on sh*t
Never been on sh*t period! Yeah! Da Doll Way, whole lotta that! f**k you talkin’ bout?

Make these hoes listen , pay attention all that beef sh*t
We ain’t really start it, but lil Asian Imma finish it
Young rich b*t*h we from Texas, b*t*hes counterfeit
Pop off Smith and Wesson we ain’t rockin’ bruh you counterfeit
Imma Murda sh*t! Imma Murda it! Imma Murda sh*t! Imma Murda it!
b*t*h I’m the best, Hunnit in that tech
Commas on my check, VV all on my chest

[Verse 1]
Lil b*t*h ain’t bout no action, built you up, gave you a name
On my mama we so solid, Cuban stood up in that paint
I ain’t smiling at no opp, b*t*hes dumb up in the brain
You was chokin’ on my d**k, wanna feature for the fame
I unfollowed b*t*hes, I’m so c*cky
Cause you ugly, not my problem
Pretty b*t*hes been a hobby
Tootin’ .30s, solving problems
b*t*hes in my face, b*t*hes want my place
Yo n***a wanna taste, he get robbed before the date
Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog
Look at b*t*hes telling lies, I’m really putting them on
But I take, cause my swag, b*t*h I gave you a loan
Think about it, Asian Doll sit and calling ya phone
You took a L and you spook
Dove right in the booth
Anything Asian spit outta 10 is the truth
Any hoe get out of line, then that b*t*h gon get slapped
Dropped a bag in that beef, I’m a real b*t*h no rap
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