Asian Doll


In a rush baby I can't wait to see (skrr, skrr)
Mix the Louis with the Prada and Supreme ('preme)
Teach me lessons baby come get on your knees (give me brain)
n***as phony you the one I'm tryna please (n***as lame!)
In a rush baby I can't wait to see (wait to see)
In a rush put the Benz into speed
Say you realer than them n***as let me see (let me see)
In a rush baby I can't wait to see (wait to see)

[Verse 1]
He was thuggin' on the four, it was cold (in the cold)
Put a demon in my body, let it go (let it go)
Rock the shows on a roll with some hoes (gang, gang)
Asian crippin' double C's on my clothes (on my body)
If you realer than them n***as baby be about it (be)
I got options, all these n***as, I'ma see about it (see)
Pretty doll who keep it G, I bring the street up at you
Hood n***a time to wrap a nice check up
Turnt up, got a chopper don't get burnt up
Last year was the struggle now I'm blessed up
Love or hate it, it won't fade me trust f**ked up
Won me over, hit the lotto boy you lucked up
Rich young b*t*h I influenced your daughter
n***as wanna f**k me then you know I'm gonna slaughter
Boy I got the faucet I be drippin', taste like water
Speak no broke, I need my time is money, I'm a baller
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