Asian Doll

"Double Back"

[Intro: YBN Nahmir]
Ayy, b*t*h

[Chorus: YBN Nahmir]
Spin the block, hit the block, then I double back
n***as usin' pocket rockets, but we over that
That chopper kick is knockin' off your fitted cap
We carry pipes, f**k typin', we ain't into that
Real n***as on that n***a, where that n***a at?
Put some strips on that n***a, bring that n***a back
Pass the blower to my brother, get a n***a clapped
Chopper bullets hit your body like they Warren Sapp

[Verse 1: Asian Doll]
Chopper hit your body, make you do the Hammer dance
Add them numbers up, gon' weigh the dope like we the muffin man
I got ammunition for them b*t*hes I'm not rockin' with
Say you want that smoke, I got that glow, I used to f**k with Xans
Came up passin' b*t*hes like a gun, smokin' Cali though
Asian Doll the realist, b*t*h, we can't forget lil' Cuban though
n***as wanna f**k us, but together we expensive, ho
Double stacks, countin' racks, reckless, pop up at your show
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