Louis Futon

"All For Me"

[Intro: Scott Hoying & Hoodie Allen]
Oh, oh
Oh, yea, yeah
Hoodie, Scott, go
Yeah, ooh
All for me, yeah
Can you do it all for me?

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
Yo, I need someone who's gonna do it all
Give me love like it's the only thing I really want
She ain't playin' "hard to get" when I hit her up
Tell me what you want, she'll keep it Emily Blunt, uh
Cool chica with some dope ass features
Got a 2Pac shirt and some Converse sneakers
And the room go quiet when she's speakin', shh
Have me full Timberlake like "Ooh, my Señorita"
Oh baby baby, you like it raw
Make me stand up like a round of applause
And take it all off, take it all off
The Price of Admission was worth the cost
And nowadays I'm feeling like the boss, yeah everytime I make a sale
So Michael Scott 'cause I always leave a paper trail

I am on a mission to succeed, I'ma take you there
We ain't getting married but everything that I make we share
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