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"B Free"

[Intro: Naruto]
Hey B Free, it's Naruto Uzumaki!
You're the Hokage
So take care of the Leaf Village for me

[B Free]
Aye, said
I don't
I can't tell what you want from me
I don't
I can't tell

Arena Boy, believe it!

[Verse: B Free]
I said, okay, fresh up out this motherf**ker I look like the bank
Everything a hit, I take it home so f**k a base
Always on the move, I risk it all, can’t play it safe
Digital dash, my foot on the gas, I’m screaming out f**k the breaks
Aye, certified boss everybody know that
Never took a loss everybody know that
You don’t want war, lil n***a fall back
Ain’t worried bout a thang, speak on my name and then I’m
Running up, don’t slip, don’t stumble up, on god I’m coming up
I’m one of one, can’t trip, I double jump, pass me my double cup
I’m in slow mo, I said b*t*h no photos, she looked back like woah woah
I’m on go go I can’t feel my head tho cuz my neck on Frozone
What more do you want, oh yeah
More do you want, yeah
What more do you want
Yeah, yeah
Aye, yea
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