A Boogie wit da Hoodie

"All Black"

[Produced by Stoopid Behavior]

[Intro - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
She never called back
I pull up in all black
What you call that?
Pull up in all black

[Chorus: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
You kept on calling her phone
No wonder she never called back
You saw the message she wrote me
Lowkey, you want your hoe back
I get respect from the OG's
Police probably want my phone tapped
Hoodie and all that, I pull up in all black
All black going crazy, all black to the laces
All black, off white sh*t, all black, Balmains sh*t
They think I'm crazy, I think they hating
All black wraith racing, my all black spaceship

[Verse 1 - Flywalker Chee$e]
She'll ride with some stacks, hit the club in all black
Spent 10K up in Saks, all I'm speaking is facts
See, I ride with the panny all white, if you want bread, little n***a on sight
All black Louis I ain't missing no spikes
Only bad b*t*hes, I ain't f**king no type
I say yeah, aye, I'm always on the go-go
Pitch black tent on the low-low
Your b*t*h, she a so-so
I hit that off 'cause I can, bro
Up in the club spending bands, hoe
I'm a trap n***a with some fans though
My designer ain't black, that Nike check is though
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