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A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

"XXL Freshmen 2017 Cypher - Part 1"

[Verse 1: KYLE]
Super Kyle flew into the scene
Vowing to vanquish all deadbeat daddies
And n*ggas with too many chains, okay
Don't got no gold but my record is platinum
So picture perfect I don't need a caption
I don't give a f*ck 'bout how long you been rappin'
Got flow so old I could spit 'em in Latin
My n*gga, what's happenin'?
The only thing you blowin' up is a mattress
I'm in the studio making a classic
Shouldn't you n*ggas be playing in traffic or buying Supreme?
Doing your thing? You know? Saving up money for lean?
Y'all put this game on easy as hell
I play this sh*t on incredibly hard
K.I.D., K.I.D, fire-spitting kid n*gga, you know me
De-de-destroy everything I do, attack, kill everything I see
Super duper, doggy dooder
Shout out to Jesus, that's my shooter
Bad b*tches in my kitchen cooking food like I live at Hooters
Off of Red Bull and a coffee
FedEx office n*ggas just copies, huh?
n*ggas watch too much boxing
Don't get NyQuil'd tryna be Rocky, nah
Believe me n*gga, sleep every single day
With a bow bow boom bink, carry him away
16, butane, who a n*gga flamed?
Any MC, RIP, n*ggas getting slayed
Super duper saber-toothed dooder, bite yo' ass in half
Packin' thunder, doin' Matrix numbers like it's basic math
Hey, flow is like a double play, none of you n*ggas is safe
Making these hits, every time I step to the plate
I biggity biggity bang, boom, bow
n*ggas can't f*ck with me now, doin' sh*t they don't know how
Doin' it better, makin' yo' girl get wetter
I think I'ma start sellin' towels
It's amazing, speech impediment and they still feel what I'm sayin'
Can't explain it, I just hop on stage and everyone gets rabies
Yeah, find you a bed, lil' n*gga fall back
That ain't this, bruh, this ain't that
My white friends are so damn cool
They all look like they half-black
Get this record recommended skipping on the Benjis
Been everywhere except last
sh*t, gotta pick up a plaque, see you later, gotta blast

[Verse 2: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
Lifestyle on the road, sheesh
Used to always want a Rollie
Now I want a new two-tone gold Patek
Damn, but we couldn't go to Philippe's
I had to be on that corner until it was morning
So me and my n*ggas could eat
I be the one with the sauce, I never thought it was sweet
I got my foot in the door, they never gave me the key
I had to turn to a ki
Even when I was boy, I was the man in the streets
I was the man with the heat, I was a beast, sheesh
He had her heart, but she tried to give it to me
Damn, but she can't keep no f*ckin' promises
sh*t, I'm comin' with a lot of money
Money comes with a lot of sh*t
Told Mo, "Bring the studio to everywhere we go"
And that's a lot of hits
Slo-mo in my videos when the lights out and all my diamonds hit
Somethin' 'bout blue faces, I like money conversations
Whole lot of 20's, that's basic, n*gga f*ck it, I'm shameless
Can't f*ck with a snitch n*gga, if you get caught don't say sh*t
Have you ever met another n*gga like me?
I bet you won't say sh*t, I went from rags to riches
I bagged the b*tches that gave me the straight face
I hit the baddest b*tches
It's sad, but I had to curve 'em the same day
I treated them bad, I wouldn't be mad
If I was to get treated the same way
So treat me the same way

[Verse 3: Aminé]
Shout out Sonny Digital
Vultures at the altar, tell the pastor to watch his back
My girl said she wanted change and then she got a quarterback
Well, damn, I ain't no football player
But I hit it harder than a football player
The girl of my dreams just became a girl
Well, we can talk about that later
Honeymoon to yo' hometown; b*tch, you broke now
Your mama ask about me almost every week
We can speak in tongues, talking 'bout forever hold your peace
I said "Peace, please hurry up and kiss so I can eat"
Tootsie Roll on yo' tippy toe
So much soul that my soul got soul
Your auntie and uncle, they love me
All your bridesmaids wanna f*ck me
The groom look like a broom, and it make me ha ha ha
Girl, I could have been yo' Pap and you be my Remy Ma

[Outro: Aminé & KYLE]
God damn!
Damn, bam

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