"ヒトガワリ [English Lyrics]"

Side by side we lie, happy in each other's grasp
Tending our together, never ever ticking hands
Yet my mending heart, safely placed inside your arms
Shakes and says it can't accept that gentle happiness


Ah, like a vacant sky recovered to be covered with a hole
Both my defenseless core and empty form resemble such an air
Where they're contorted and distorted, cut with cuts that never close
Staring back at me

Please leave me bleeding lovesick for the sickest sort of love
On edge I bet, I bet "enough" can't be enough to hold me up
No, it just keeps me hurting...
Still, your gentle ways fill my heart and make me wish
We could stay like this for forever and a day
All the while my heart, set to set intent apart
Panics and forbids that bit of modest happiness

Hideously twisting with a feeling
Can't ignore the horrors that I've seen
Bandage and manage, yeah I'm trying
But the cuts stick to my skin time after time
Are they even mine...?
Please only loan me kisses if your lips are dressed in red
I need a break, a breaking substitute to live instead
Please leave me bleeding lovesick for the sickest sort of love
That kind of kind, I know it shows how broken I've become
Yes, it's why I'll be lonely
For life...
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