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King Los

"Dipset Anthem Freestyle"

[Verse 1 - King Los]

I'm prolly iceberg down with the Desi in my sweats
Couple lesis in the vet, something heavy on my neck
Dre dumbass behind me in a Chevy with a tech
Only way I roll with squares if its a presi with bagettes
Los been nice since '05 and I'm still ready
Chillin' in the same projects where they killed Freddy
Who feel petty?
Cause it's the wrong place to try a joke
My whole city smell like riot fire and tire smoke
Who trying Los? All you n*ggas got average aim
Talk that fly sh*t and you might not make it to baggage claim
Ugh, I'm straight ether, the gatekeeper
You don't like it pay me no mind, n*gga the rate's cheaper
I'm so ADD if you A-D-D eighty zebras in eighty A-D-I-D-A-S sneakers
You might get my stripes
b*tch I'm nice, switch it like
My n*ggas touch keys at a early age, no Fisher Price
Knew I'd be the future, word to my mama
I don't have bad grammar but I'm f*cking up these commas
Look back at my past, and I get embarrassed
But sometimes it takes the future just to see errors
These mirrors been lying to you
How could I respect, you trying to paint the vision of some sh*t you don't reflect
Lord, help me
This that Cam flow
When he was blam-blamin' the game
That Dipset sh*t, the bandannas and chains
Before you bandwagonnin' antagonists came
I was goin' bar-for-bar with Santana and Wayne
Gucci gucci sweats made the groupies sweat
Diamond wrist, rupee neck
You fruity fruity, you booty homie
Your boo be booty pursuing, she swooping on me
Back on my Cam sh*t, back on the cam
Back on my Sampras-Aggasi actually back on a campus
These arenas(Serena's) will leave your back on a canvas
Can't visit my clay without passes
Pass this, I illustrate with other authors' ashes
You n*ggas to classless to catch this
I'm Cassius, yeah I see these n*ggas but I'm the greatest
In the ring Ali these n*ggas
My n*ggas sell sniff, sell green, sell piff, sell beans, sell bricks, sell dreams
Tell chicks, tell fiends, tell tricks, tell cliques, tell Knicks sell tix
I mean ballers in general, darlin', all this sh*t general
I'm straight, I'm at the top
Best rapper livin' save debate for your tackle box
You fishin' in a pool wit' no water, no order
Order car for automatic war, foreign Ferraris and Porsche just drop tops and headless horseman
Lyrical swordsman unsportsmanlike conduct
But my coup like a Yukon Truck
It truck n*ggas like Peterson, Adrian
Alias, sold it to me not because I earned it cause they owed it to me
Killed so many rappers they bodies don't have no odor to me
Younger than me, older than me, hotter than me, colder than me, richer than me, broker than me, faster than me
Slower than me
I know a semi n*gga so I put work in to trouble you
Put bodies on every floor, I should work at the W
I buckle you hesitant, you sweet
I got the top floor, I tell the President, "You sweet,"

King business n*gga

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