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King Los

"Da Hood Cypher"

[Verse 1: Deetranada]
Yeah, ay
Wow, people mad for what?
'Cause the kitty immaculate
Check you and your crew
And have you wake like, 'What happened?'
Bro, nobody on my level
They can't even reach the ladder
What's the matter?
I'm the shawty with the rings
Out this world, call me [??]
Old broad want beef, that's suicide
Caught up in your lines, that's a Houston die
You Whitney?
[??] don't know, watch me aim right for the kitties
Why the runners?
If you a rapper, when I come around, you mini
Have that work like I'm moving, got a long clip
I be jogging around that mat like a long lip
Like I said, since I be making it
[??] can the rapping [??]
It's obvious in music 'cause [??] them
I'm leggin and they having it
Boom, head shot, idea
Where your bed at? Move along, IKEA
Not Genuwine, mess around Aliyah
Wow, then I make you lean like Pisa
It's evident I'm excellent
I had to set the precedent
I usually go harder
I'm just showing feature etiquette
I settle the kettle talking I'm black and [??]
No, I'm black and white
Could you tell I ain't the childhood girl
Super cralifragilistic when I touch down
Flew to Cali 'cause I haven't seen enough town
I'm the youngest queen in charge here, the what now
Why you think my name is diamond, 'cause I'm bust down

[Verse 2: BoxCheck Marty]
BoxCheck, is y'all ready? (damn)
Cash fall like confetti (damn)
Good fellon, no [??]
See Wu waters like jetskis
I'ma need you to cut that check please
If not, they gon' let that tec squeeze
New Wraith when we drive
Or Teetar bird when that jet leave
Balmain, Balenciaga, almighty my breezy Prada
n*gga we flyer, now we higher
f*ck n*ggas need to retire
Audacity to ask me if I'd ever failed, these n*ggas
I'ma real live n*gga, I'm known from the diesel
No Shaq, I should kill these n*ggas (damn)
BoxCheck, we in here, boy, I don't really think y'all ready (damn)
Four or five cops, n*gga, one damn shot turn your right hand and brain spaghtti
Get me?
I don't just rap, boy, I live this sh*t
Eleven in the feds, I done did that b*tch
The ZLS, [??] did that whip
Before she [??], I'ma did that b*tch (god damn)

[Verse 3: Chrissy Stayhigh]
Chrissy Stayhigh Sosafina you b*tch
I'm a Baltimore baby
I ball out the gym
Had to bust down my wrist, I'm just glad I can swim
Tell these b*tches don't test me, I ain't bring my pen
I do more than just pray with these hands when I sin
Pop the heads off you barbies, tryna toy with my kin (Ken)
When my b*tches, wan (want - to) pop out, we hop in the Benz
Same hoes used to talk down, tryn hop in the pic
I... hit the button, sit the roof down
Litty Chrissy bring the moon out
Umm.. n*ggas iffy, Ion (I don't) do clout
Sticky icky piffy, in my spliffy, got me glued down
Shady shaky shifty, you ain't with me, gah (got-to) move round
Lor (= Lil) baby, play the fifty, then the bittie getting chewed out
I feel like I'm Izzy Band Huntin' all these blues now
Chrissy little and she pretty, but she bring them goons out
'Cause I'm dragging out this coochie
No excuse me, you heard me?
And if lor (=Lil) shordy actin' boujee, she can fly with the birdies
I got a pocket full of loose leaf but you know my shoes dirty
And you won't see a n*gga juice me 'cause I never been thirsty
Umm... you rappers is trash, you get tossed out
Name ringing bells, they wan (want- to) call now?
Same ones that prayed on my downfall
Act like they glad I ain't fall down

[Verse 4: Starrz]
I'm ready
Repping my trap in remarkable fasion
Y'all capping for clicks and a caption reaction
Parting my passion, I'm sick of distractions
Parting my dragon, I'm smoking, you matching?
No competition, b*tch, don't get me laughing
I'm from a place where you're hooping or flagging
I'm form a place where the asses are fake 'cause they rather have asses instead of a face (woo)
Michael Jackson flow, b*tch, I been bad
Thought I might fail, bad b*tches in the gym class
I'm the present, they should put me in a gift bag
Most of y'all washed, they should put you in a gym bag
Gimmicks, pushing as a riff raff
Top 5, 10, I do it with no pen pad
Professional, projection flow, I'm over heads
I kill careers, just hold your head
I kill punani, just hold your legs
They kill the witness if he told the feds
They tie your mama and they hold your kids
They send the ransom, better sent the bread
No freestyling when they off their heads (sheesh)
That's the truth, no capping in it
She's on her kneeds, she's Caperknicking
I got the head, I chopped the chicken
But it all makes sense, she say I'm finger licking
Wait, you see it all, but nobody knows
You'll get a hit but then it's adios
So I write every verse like I'ma body Los
I write every verse like it's a bad of dope, a line of coke, a knife to poke, a throat to choke, a gun to tote, a blunt to smoke, a ass to stroke
Motherf*cker, I'm these rappers hope (haa)
Visionary, scary hardest
Cold as Ben & Jerry
Bury me with greener faces, that's the Jim Carey
Brent Barry, unexpected shooters
Nothing free, I need that check to do it
b*tch I'm nice, you better check the music
Let me say this so you don't confuse it
I'm the best that's living 'till they come and shoot me (god damn)

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