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King Los


[Intro: Mark Battles]
Oh, yeah
Yung 1, you a fool for this one

[Verse 1: Mark Battles]
Hell if I do, hell if I don't
They prayin' for me to fail and I tell 'em I won't
Chill, you should stop that
Progression is the object
My level's two steps from Heaven, meetin' God next
Ah, yes, it's the perfect plan (Plan)
Convert the fans who twerk and dance, I deserve a chance
Ah, give 'em bars like anxiety
My old girl mad, her bitter ass won't say hi to me
I tell her blow me like I'm checkin' her sobriety
Been waitin', now it's time to see, the new rap prodigy
Uh, you better tell them n*ggas cool it
Get you whacked for fifty cent, it's all G's up in my unit, ho

[Verse 2: King Los]
I'm probably chillin', just mindin' my business
Just countin' my millions, man, God is my witness
I came from the bottom, but I gotta get it
I'm slidin' my pimpin' and traveling, handing in contracts
So dope, I hand 'em a contact
I need a massage, I need a garage
With Bentleys and Phantoms and all that
Ain't 'bout that money, I'll call back, fall back
Maybach, grey and black, Balmain, ball cap
Ballsacks in your mouth for talkin' down on a real one
Give a f*ck how you feel, son
I ain't got no chill
How they gon' deal with me when my deal come? Uh
I'm ready for a real run
I mean it's time to do the damn thing, uh
Already been the best out
I mean, I'm stretchin' out my hamstrings, uh
Top five, top five, yeah
I'm on fire, hot vibes, yeah
Juicin' up with my spinach
Popeye with papaya
High power, she'll die coward
b*tch, I devour sh*t (Go)
Three K's in my truck
But I ain't talkin' 'bout no white power sh*t (Go)
White powder sh*t all in they nose
I guess they must have been high (Go)
How they miss me like they ain't pick me?
Like I don't give a f*ck, n*gga, die, go

[Verse 3: Mark Battles]
When I get in my zone
Won't answer my phone
Tell 'em to leave me alone
Crackin' the codes
Back on the road
Cookin' like crack on the stove
Tell them boys to just fall back
Small pack, but we all strapped
AB, you gon' have to see D's
I ain't talkin' no bra strap
Now we handlin' business
With my n*ggas, we all rap
Made my moves, don't put on my shoes
Can't fit in no ball cap
Ain't talkin' money, no convo
Came to ball, Lonzo
Get up in the game and just spit that sh*t
Now a n*gga feelin' like Rondo
Turn a new n*gga to a John Doe
Turn a new verse to a condo
I'm great, killin' n*ggas six years straight
Y'all late, where the hell did the time go?
Now I'm gettin' paid for the cadence
Lames are debated, came in the greatest
n*ggas wan' talk that sh*t
So I keep that Smith like Willow and Jaden

[Outro: Mark Battles]

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