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King Los

"Yellow Tape"

Yeah, yeah
As I recall
It's just another day living in the hood
It's just another day around the way
I'm feeling good today, ay
I'm feeling good today, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Okay, okay
I woke up out my bed
Then I yawned, stretched my legs
Brushed my teeth then I [?] off 'bout my day in my head
Grabbed my shoes, ironed my shirt
Got my jeans, hit the door
Broke down the block
Rode past the spot where they getting dough
I see yellow tape, yellow tape, yellow tape
Bad decisions, bad decisions young fellows make
Keep your nose clean, open your eyes, it smell of snakes
Even though I'm vegan, I know the hood got hella stakes
I said: "Watch yourself, watch yourself, watch your health
Inspire yourself, rise up to your higher self
If you get off track, baby, come back
Remind yourself who you are
You a star; re-align yourself!"
And get back, get back, get back
They jealous of you, click clack, click clack
I'm too much of a leader to sit back
And just gossip about God, f*ck chit chat
We need action now, action now, action now
We need love and education, pass it down
And I'm the best thus far, ask around
Running marathons, I probably done passed your town
I'm an asteroid from outer space, I crashed the ground
And made history, no mystery, they asking now
Uh, the wise, the greater
Did I make an impact?
I say: "b*tch, look at the size of that crater!"

They tell me: "Wait for it", but I been waiting all day for it
It's our time and they know it, it's a great moment
Gon' make 'em wait on it

[Verse 2]
You know I learn the rules, some 16's and 30 tunes
Yeah, these words could bruise
Big dreams, Curry moves
Shooting vertical
Can't scream 'bout pearly Jews 'cause they hurting too
We gotta work it through
He said: "Hello mister, can I please just get your picture?
I been f*cking wit'cha so long, I can't remember
Plus you know my sister, way back ya'll went to dinner
You probably don't remember" - but I do
I can't control all the hoes that I know
Please forgive me for my language, I'm exposing my truth
Open my eyes but it's closing my view
Are you inspired by the tires when I'm rolling by you?
We so damn materialistic
He ain't talking money? I don't listen to his sh*t
Young fly n*gga, di*k stain to her lipstick
Poppa wasn't home and it made me a misfit
Crazy and distant but maybe my wishes
Could probably come true soon
They said: "In one blue moon"
But a n*gga 'bout to cook, I hope you brung new spoons
Juggernaut the way I jump through rooms
23 hour grind, going one through noon
Man that sh*t don't ever stop
And we forever hot, we ain't ever punching clocks
It's Battles

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